You probably just want to know if I can help you. Well, I have a passion for my work. Itís wonderful to see people change and grow. For me, itís a bit like gardening Ö carefully planting seeds into dark earthÖ and then one day, sooner than you realise, those green shoots appear.  Therapy can be and is life-changing.

Iíve been working with clients therapeutically for over ten years now, for all sorts of problems. Being integrative, Iím trained in many different approaches, including NLP, CBT and hypnosis; these are all useful ways of helping people with fears and phobias. I then had four yearís post-graduate training to become a psychotherapist at the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy, in London. I also do life coaching.  You can find out more on the qualifications page, if you like.

Iím flexible around using different mediums online to communicate with you, but the most important thing is that therapy-wise, we use what works best for you, in the way that you want. I also see people face-to-face and I can work over the Ďphone with you. 

If you have any questions which arenít answered on the FAQ section, Iím happy for you to email me at: and Iíll respond quickly.



There are many ways I am able to help you, but I have given some examples below